Seat Belts

Passengers are required to abide by the “Texas State Law” regarding seat belt restraints.


Smoking, Vaping or any type of tobacco products are prohibited on Public Transit Services vehicles


Wheelchairs must be in good working condition during transport. For safety purposes; wheelchair passengers must be secured with seat belts; as well as properly operating caliper locking devices. Oxygen tanks and/or other devices utilized on a wheelchair must be safely secured/attached to wheelchair.

Back-Up Policy

It is the goal of PTS to prevent or minimize damage to agency vehicles. As such, the agency has established a “Vehicle Back-Up” policy to assist in the process. Please be understanding of our drivers as the backup request is performed for the safety of all.

Food & Drinks

Consuming food and drinks is strictly prohibited on PTS vehicles. The opening of an alcohol beverage is strictly prohibited.


Grocery bag or package limit is set in place to prevent flying objects. Grocery bags or packages are limited to what can be safely secured in the lap.

Electronic Devices

Cell phone use or conversations via cell phones on PTS vehicles is prohibited, as it can be a distraction for the driver.
The use of laptop, i-pods or i-pads on a public transit vehicle requires the use of a headset if noise or communications will be a part of said use. Please be mindful that others can hear what you hear and it may be disruptive or offensive.

Intoxicated Passengers

Passengers under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will not be permitted to ride.

Disruptive Passengers

Public Transit Services reserves the right to refuse service. Passengers must observe agency rules/regulations; at all times. Passengers who are deemed disruptive, while on the vehicle, will be prohibited from transport.

Emergency Transportation

Public Transit Services provides “non-emergency” transportation services. Passengers who are extremely ill, have a contagious disease or are severely injured may not be transported. Call 911 for emergency transportation services.

To Report Suspicious Activity of Packages

– Alert the Bus Driver
– If you are not on a bus, call 866-521-1391 immediately – giving as much detail as possible (bus number and exact location is critical)
– If it appears to be an emergency or is an emergency; call 911


PTS requires four (4) hours cancellation notice before scheduled pick-up time. Less than four-hours notification is considered a No-Show. Failure to cancel may result in the loss of transportation privileges. (Refer to No-Show Policy)

No Show Policy

PTS buses will wait five (5) minutes at each scheduled pick-up point for customers. Customers who are more than 5 minutes late or fail to meet the bus for any reason are considered No-Shows. Customers are given notice that three (3) No-Shows in a thirty (30) day period will result in the suspension of services for a period of 30-days. In the event the problem continues; service can be suspended permanently.


If you have a complaint regarding service or an employee please call the office immediately to report it. Change cannot happen without knowledge.


Complaints should be reported as soon as possible after the incident to assure proper handling. When filing a complaint, the following information must be provided

• Description of incident or complaint
• Your name
• Date and Time of Incident
• Where it Happened
• Vehicle Number
• Driver Name (if known)

Customers are expected to be ready and waiting at the pre-arranged location at the agreed upon time. Honking at a residence or business is not always available due to City Noise Ordinances.