Public Transit Services is funded to provide transportation to individuals within the area of Palo Pinto and Parker County.

Our fares are based on zones within a 5 mile radius in Palo Pinto and Parker Counties. The rates start at $2.00 a trip (1/2 price for Seniors 60 years or older).

Rates outside of our counties will be available at a higher based rate and are based upon availability.

Personal Care Attendant or Assistant (PCA) are available to ride for no charge so long as the PCA is providing a valuable service to the client. If a PCA does not specifically perform some type of assistance for the client, that PCA will then be considered a guest and will be charged full fare.

PCA’s are required to specifically assist the customer, including but not limited to the following duties at a minimum:

  • Assisting the customer from his/her door to the bus and back again
  • Opening doors
  • Pushing wheelchairs
  • Carrying packages
  • Communications with the driver (if customer is unable)


A half-price (1/2) fare is provided to Senior Citizens over 60 years of age.

Fares must be paid upon entering the vehicle. Please bring exact change.
PTS does not accept personal checks
Credit card payments can be made through the office
PTS has a strict “No Refund Policy”